Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the International Trade Council?

The International Trade Council is a broad-based organisation representing tens of thousands of businesses throughout the world – That’s over several million employees! Member companies range in size, location and industry. Council members also include chambers of commerce, business associations, government agencies, legislators, charities/non-profit organisations and educational institutions.

ITC Member Directory

Who can join the Council?

Any organisation interested in creating more brand awareness, participating in networking, gaining new leadership development skills, and becoming more involved in promoting mutually beneficial and sustainable business practices can join the Council.

Who is excluded from joining the Council?

  1. Officials of Governments who are not members of the United Nations (although the government agencies themselves may join).
  2. Organisations whose purpose is the promotion of, or discrimination against, religion.
  3. Organisations whose purpose is the discrimination against individuals based on age, disability, gender, nationality, parenthood status, health (including mental health) status, race or sexuality (including sexual preference).
  4. Those listed on the “Consolidated List of Persons, Groups and Entities Subject to EU Financial Sanctions”, the “United Nations UN 1267 Regime List” and the “US Department of State Foreign Terrorist Organizations List”.

For more information please see the Council’s bylaws.

How can I get our brand out to your members?

The Council offers members significant business exposure through a broad range of unique free advertising opportunities. Contact us to learn more.

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How does the Council work?

The policies and programs of the Council are determined by its membership and its elected volunteer Board of Directors. They in turn employ a Chief Executive and other administrative staff whose basic responsibility is to organise and execute the Council’s programs and carry out its policies. The board meets once a month to formulate policies and carry out the wishes of the membership. (For more information please see the Council’s by-laws).

Is the International Trade Council a government agency?

No. The Council is not a government agency, however a portion of its membership (roughly 15 percent) is made up of government agencies (government departments, trade promotion agencies and legislators).

Click here to see a list of ITC member legislators.

Are you a partisan organisation?

No. The Council is a non-partisan organisation. It does not engage in lobbying of any form, however it does attempt to deal with areas of potential conflict through education and mediation.

Does the Council endorse political candidates?

No we do not. The Council is sometimes asked to give an opinion on various political issues (mostly business development) however it usually presents multiple opinions from its diverse member base..

How is the Council funded?

The Council is financed in large part by membership dues, sponsorship and special projects.

What is the fee to join the Council?

Dues vary for business owners, non-business owners, individuals, and corporations.

Fees range from $40 USD per annum (for students and retirees) through to a maximum of $250 USD per annum (for a company with 20 employees or more).

Registered charities and Chambers of Commerce do not pay any fee.

Click here to see a full list of fees.

I have several business locations. What are my options?

There is no fee for multiple business locations. You may also include each location in the online directory at no additional cost.

After joining, how will I be billed?

You will receive an electronic invoice which you can pay online via credit card or paypal. If you have neither of these then a bank transfer option is also available.

When does my membership begin?

Membership is for 1 year and begins the date we receive payment and a completed membership application. i.e. If you join on May 10, 2015 your membership will run through to May 9, 2016.

Do membership rates change regularly?

No. The International Trade Council does not change its membership rates often. Member rates go towards paying for the activities of the Council. So far we have had adequate funding and this has meant that there have been no rate increases in recent times.

If my company is a member of the Council, does that mean I am a member?

Yes. Council membership extends to all employees of the member company. To learn more about the benefits of membership and how you can get involved, please contact a member of our membership team.

Are membership dues or accreditation fees tax deductible?

Depending on your jurisdiction membership dues to the International Trade Council may be considered tax-deductible. It is recommended that you consult with your tax advisor.

My company is interested in sponsorship. What opportunities are available at the Council?

The Council offers members significant business exposure through a broad range of unique sponsorship and targeted advertising opportunities.

Where can I find a listing of upcoming events?

All upcoming events are listed on our website, and mentioned in our regular email blasts.

Click here for the up-to-date list of events.

Can the Council help me find sponsorships, donations and/or contributions for my event or charity?

We are also a non-profit organisation raising funds for our own events and programs. As a policy, we do not solicit our members for other organisations. All of our members benefit from Council membership and are able to promote their fundraising events through multiple Council communication tools including the Council newsletter, email bulletins, member directory and this website.

Can I promote my event through the Council?

Yes!! All Council members are encouraged to promote their community support efforts, free events, business anniversaries, expansions, changes/additions to staff, and free networking events through the Council Please note that all announcements are subject to approval.

How can I become a speaker at a Council program or event?

There are many programmes provide a forum for membrs to share their expertise. These include webinars, roundtable discussions, breakfast networking sessions, trade shows, seminars and the annual International Business Forum. If you are a particularly good speaker you may consider hosting a Council-supported conference. Please contact a Member Relations Consultant to discuss upcoming opportunities.

I am not a good speaker - what are some other opportunities to showcase my expertise?

There are a range of options which include participation as part of a committee or working group, joining a marketing exchange or mentoring a business. Contact us and we will see how we can help.

What is the refund policy for membership?

A membership with the Council is an annual commitment, and regrettably, is non-refundable. When your membership is up for renewal, we require notification of your wish to cancel. One month before a membership is due to be renewed we will send you an invoice and a renewal reminder. If you wish to cancel your membership, please let us know at that time and we will process your cancellation.

What's the best way to contact the International Trade Council Membership office?

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +32 (2) 588 5803
Fax: +32 (2) 588 5804

Click here for a map and contact form.

What are the International Trade Council Membership office hours?

Monday through Friday, 10:00am – 6:00pm (GMT).

What if I can not reach someone in the office immediately?

Because of the nature of helping businesses 24 hours a day there are times when we are unable to get to your call as quickly as we would like. In these situations please try and send us an email – as we respond to all enquiries within 24 hours – and we will call you back in your own time-zone.

How are Council Board Members remunerated?

Board Members of the International Trade Council are volunteers and receive no remuneration of any kind. The only financial benefit that they receive is that their membership fees are waived.

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